Where are all of the 2014 clinics?

We have have been fielding a lot of questions about why so few clinics in 2014, and we have been having to decline many new clinic sites for this year as well. The answer to these questions lies in the fact that Mark has needed to take some personal time to work with his own horses, focus on some personal projects, and last but not least take some time off! We are pleased that approximately twice each month we are able to host lesson days on our farm for students living in the Eastern Tennessee area.

Mark will continue to clinic at his current sites which include MA, NC, GA, FL, OK, NM, AZ, and CA: these are recurring clinics and you may contact the hosts at any time to inquire about pending dates. We are adding a site in southern New Jersey for 2014 to help serve the east coast.

Additionally we are hosting overnight students here on the farm. We have had a few sessions already – they have filled before we were able to announce them, however will be having more opportunities in the August/September time frame.

On farm we are looking to develop professional’s clinics here on the farm for more intensive private study for those who train horses and teach others.

We will continue to post clinics as they come up – we have yet to finalize Mark’s fall schedule but should have the year in place over the next month or two. Updates can be found on Mark’s Facebook page: Mark Russell Natural Dressage.

Posted 5/5/2014