Equine Biomechanics Symposium Georgia

Saturday and Sunday November 15 and 16, 2014

Georgia National Fairground Perry GA

With the increasing popularity of Dressage for all disciplines and all horses, there has been a surge in interest in Equine Biomechanics. This team of experts will present both the theory and application of correct biomechanics to benefit ALL horses. Dr. Miller will break down what are seemingly complex concepts of the musculo-skeletal and neurologic systems into understandable and logical components. Mark Russell will demonstrate how these concepts are applied to our work with our horses. Every rider should have a grasp of basic equine biomechanics before saddling a horse. The horse moves as a whole and for every one of our actions there is a reaction/response on the part of the horse that is determined by the nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones of the horse. Understanding both the horse’s innate abilities as well as his limitations allow us to work within his comfort zone; helping him find relaxation, enjoyment, and suppleness for Classical, Western, or Gaited Dressage.

As one of the few American students of the world renowned Master Nuno Oliveira in Portugal, Mark Russell is privileged to help carry this wisdom forward. Mark Russell brings to the US compelling insights gained from Master Oliveira and is helping move the equine industry into a higher plane of sensibility in the education of the horse. Mark teaches the process of Dressage, or “Development” of the horse through correct biomechanics no matter the discipline of Western, English, or Gaited.

Jennifer Miller is an avid horsewoman. Growing up riding and showing Tennessee Walking Horses, her passion led her to vet school and into equine practice. As she began to study Classical Dressage an intense desire to know “why” led her to certifications in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy and Veterinary Acupuncture. Advanced courses in neurology and biomechanics followed. A continual student of the horse, Dr. Miller is passionate about sharing her knowledge of “why” with riders who are looking for a better way.

Dr Jennifer Miller will be starting off the mornings with a lecture on equine movement by examining the musculo-skeletal and neurological systems of our horses. After the lecture Mark Russell will be working with a variety of horses across disciplines to bring this valuable information to life. By the end of the program attendees will be able to integrate science with everyday applications in their riding leading to more joy and more real progress, whatever the discipline.
Don’t miss this exiting opportunity to watch and learn from this pair: your horse will thank you for it!
8:30am, program begins 9:00 am with Dr Miller’s lecture
Auditor fees $60 for both days or $30 perday at the door, preregistration before Nov 1st $50/25,
groups of 5 or more andMGSHA members $40/$20
Contact Keri Hall 478-396-8714 or kevinandkeri@bellsouth.net for auditing or riding