Welcome 2015

As we say goodbye to another busy year we are welcoming in yet another. Once again we are very much limiting Mark’s travel but in doing so have managed to squeeze in a few new clinic sites. We are pleased to announce two new clinic sites: Hy Court Farm in Cedar Creek Texas, and in Vandervoort Arkansas, hosted by a long standing and passionate student Dolores Arste. We have also added a new site in central Florida to better accommodate riders from the southern part of the state. We are hoping to add another site in Illinois and are shuffling times to accommodate them, as well as Mark’s current sites.

For those of you missing Mark in Oklahoma, the new Arkansas site may be able to accommodate you.

If you are still missing Mark he will be teaching at home for those of you local to the Eastern Tennessee area and we will continue to host as many three day programs on our farm as we can. These are invitation only and current students are given priority spaces. However if you are interested in riding with Mark we would love to try to include you. Please email us and ask whether we have the space. For those of you coming to the farm we do not have lesson horses on the farm unless you are a regular student and then only if we feel we have a suitable horse for you.

If you are interested in hosting Mark at your facility please email us at naturaldressage@gmail.com. We make no promises but will do our best to get him to you.

Posted January 15th, 2015