Baroque Equestrian Games Classical Championship, Expo, and Grand Gala

“Art Form Dressage is a form of dressage that seeks to eradicate all negative tension in the horse allowing the horse to perform high level movements with energy/impulsion in total relaxation. To elevate the act of riding to Art is a journey often sought, but rarely found as this path is littered with obstacles from both within the horse and within ourselves; and within the relationship between the two. It is an approach to riding that is not well understood as there has been a lack of access to education about this alternative path. Upon gaining a deeper level of understanding of equine movement, knowing how to achieve relaxation in the body and tranquillity of the mind, the secrets will begin to be revealed.”   Mark Russell  

Mark will be presenting his philosophies of the education of the horse at the BEGI Fall Classical Championship, Expo, and Grand Gala: Mark will introduce the differences between softness and lightness, how the jaw relates to the engagement of the hind end, he will discuss the benefits of work-in-hand and common pitfalls. Through the memory and spirit of Master Oliveira, Mark will demonstrate to all levels of riders how to embark on this journey.


•  This is an informative and enjoyable event presented by Tina Veder and Bruno Gonzalez with the mission of:

•  Celebrate and reward the elegance and artistry of Classical Horsemanship

•  Preserve and promote the wisdom of the Baroque Equestrian Masters

•  Bring balance and lightness to horses of every breed

•  Teach grace and enlightenment to riders of all styles

•  Provide greater understanding of the unique qualities of the Classical horses historically bred for higher collection

Posted June 20, 2015