Thank you for a wonderful 2015

This was once again a busy year teaching for Mark as we were trying to make up for some more quiet time training horses at home that Mark took in 2014. ┬áThis year we were able to add Texas, Arkansas, and Illinois to Mark’s schedule, as well as two events: the Baroque Equestrian Games in September and the Southern Equine Expo in February. Sadly, we have had to drop a few sites due to scheduling challenges. It has been a pleasure to be able to serve in new geographic areas and to help so many more human and equine students.

We wish to extend our gratitude to those that once again, entrusted Mark to help navigate that ever unfolding landscape of knowledge.

As 2016 approaches – rapidly – Mark will be embarking on another DVD project with Advanced Equine Studies; scheduled to begin production in the spring. Mark will also be working on a revision of his book: Lessons in Lightness: Educating the Horse while Enlightening the Rider.

Mark will visit his usual clinic sites in 2016 and we are searching to make some space for new sites. We have multiple sites on the clinic wait list and are trying to accommodate as many as we can at this point in time. For now, there is some availability over the winter months, the spring is full, and both the summer and fall are likely to be full again; however may hold a few possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we never quite know for sure as time passes.

Image: Sola giving us a bit of comedy after a ride in our hayfield on a beautiful fall day.

Posted 11/10/2015