It is with great sadness that we must accept the loss of this great man and teacher, Mark Russell. Mark was involved in a freak riding accident on June 12th 2016. He worked tirelessly to help his students and their horses work as partners and prepared each horse to be receptive to learning before layering in information. Although the Art that Mark created was the development of educated horses who were joyful and sound, safety of his students came before anything. It was in this fashion that he lost his life.

Mark’s legacy and teachings will not die with him. Rest assured of that. His book revision will be followed through upon by his wife and student of 15 years: Hela Russell, with assistance and support from Richard Williams of Xenophon Press, and others that knew him well. Xenophon Press is interested in one thing: the preservation of legends and teachings that are both timeless and universal. It seems only fitting. Mark would be pleased that his friend Richard Williams will be championing this process.

At this writing there is a new DVD in the works and additionally Hela Russell has a library of Mark’s teachings that will be processed and shared over time. This will be a long process, however it will be done. As Mark would say “Breathe, it will come”. 

**Please be aware that the exorbitant prices for Lessons in Lightness found on Amazon are not being generated by us. These are price gouging attempts by others and this is in no way supported by Hela Russell or others working on the preservation of Mark’s legacy.**

***Mark’s DVD Lessons In Lightness: Building the Horse’s Foundation In-Hand is still available at***

Posted July 30th 2016