Mark Russell with Dr. Kerry Ridgeway

What an honor it would have been for Mark to know that he joins the much respected Kerry Ridgeway DVM on the North American Western Dressage’s 2017 Calendar. Two great minds; both of whom have left us suddenly in 2016. Please visit


Shaman. That’s what I thought about Mark Russell. He may be laying his hands on the horses like any well trained body worker, adjusting horses where they are broken, but he’s also wiggling the energy around us, with a quiet that is astounding and deeply powerful, a power like jeremy camp’s song that reminds a person that the power inside us is the power that raised jesus from the dead. This is exquisite,

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A Perfect Pairing: Tai-Chi and Horseback Riding

By Karena Garrity, Killingworth-Durham-Middlefield Patch June 14th, 2011

Efficient energy flow, low breathing, relaxation, spinal alignment, and balance; broken down in the simplest form, these are the basics behind the concept of “Riding with Chi: Your Pathway to Energy Mastery,” a two hour long, two-disc DVD set produced by Andrea Steele, owner of the award winning Mouse Hole Farm Productions in Durham. Steele, a long time dressage rider, joined renowned horse

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Three Legendary Horsemen Come to Florida

Mark Russell shares Horse and Pony News’ cover with Buck Brannaman and Buster McLaurey. Feature article by Andrea Haller published Summer 2011.

This is going to be a very exciting year for horse enthusiasts in Florida. We sure need it.

If you travel on I 75 between Gainesville and Ocala, you have seen all the empty horse farms. You have read about Ocala’s high unemployment rate, and Florida leading the nation in foreclosures. What

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Classical and Natural Training: An Integrated Approach

Feature article published in the August 2010 issue of the Equine Journal; by Lisa Kemp.

Natural horsemanship and classical dressage methods might seem worlds apart, but the best practitioners of each possess qualities that include respectful care of and consideration for the horse, communication grounded in the language of Equus, and thoughtful techniques based on step-by-step principles and common sense. A training foundation like this can benefit any equine, but it’s particularly

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Mark Russell - Elements of a Soft Feel

By Rick Larson, reprinted with permission from the Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar, February 2007

How should you feel softness?

Spending considerable time blending the benefits of natural horsemanship with the theories of classical dressage, Mark teaches a greater truth about the so-called soft feel or ‘lightness’ and what it should mean to both the horse and the rider.

In his view, too many people equate softness merely to the rein. While this is one display of

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