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dogferril5 Custom Pet Urns The loss of your pet can be a devastating time. Often it is too emotional to even think of what to do with the body or ashes. Later we may regret that we did not cremate our loved one so we could have a memorial in his or her honor. This is o.k. Alex created these pet urns for you to use with or without ashes. You can simply put a letter in the memorial and then seal it. Or you can request the cremation urn without an opening at all and then your pet memorial becomes a true sculpture honoring your little one. And remember they really do wait for us over the Rainbow Bridge. Alexandra
 TonyOver If you are as mesmerized by the background photo as we are, you will love the work of Photographer Tony Stromberg. He has the magical ability to connect with the spirit of the horse in his work. Tony offers photography clinics across the world and his photos can be enjoyed or purchased at tonystromberg.com.
DSC_0012 Jillian Kreinbring; JKinspired.com. Jillian is very well on her way to being one of the most important people in the equine world and this is happening before our eyes. One of Mark’s most passionate, committed, and like minded students, Jillian carries forward Mark’s work.
 Sharon & Pamela Our website has been created by rider and student Sharon Foley. We want to thank her for her creativity and insight. Visit Sharon’s website: Horseman’s Arts.
  Mouse Hole Farm in Durham, Connecticut, is the home of Willis and Andrea Steele and home base for Advanced Equine Studies DVD Productions. They are the producers of Mark’s In-Hand DVD: Building the Horse’s Foundation In-Hand, as well as Riding with Chi. Their mission is to produce artful and in-depth learning experiences for horse owners, equestrians, and professionals in the horse industry worldwide.
http://www.petfinder.com/images/template-990/PF-logo.png Save a life and adopt an unwanted pet. Petfinder brings together animal rescue organizations, easing your search for the right pet.
 Tpost2012 You might have noticed our pristine white T Posts on some of the photos on this website. Plastic-innovation manufactures these beautiful, affordable, and very easy to install PVC posts. They install with a standard T Post driver; if you have ground that can accept a metal T Post, it will also accept these. You do not need to use insulators or caps. Electric or high-tensile fence is threaded right through the pre-drilled holes, and the top of the post is beefy enough to prevent injuries to your horse. No more rust, no more broken insulators. We find that the overall cost is, remarkably, LESS than that of a standard metal T Post. Add that with the aesthetic and safety benefits and these posts are the definitive winner. They are made right here in our home town by a local horse enthusiast, but can be shipped anywhere across the country.