•Learn Art Form Dressage as taught by the Masters of the past•
•Develop your horse ergonomically for higher level movements using correct biomechanical principles•
•Create a more rideable and connected horse•
•Attain deeper and more meaningful communication with your horse•
•Learn Natural Horsemanship methods in the manner which facilitates the development of engagement and balance•
•Deepen your understanding of your horse’s psyche •
• Open up blocks which prohibit progression•
•Discover the nuances of the bridle•
•Achieve relaxation in the body and tranquility of the mind•
•Perform In-Hand work to begin suppling, strengthening, and balancing•
•Understand relationship of the jaw to the coiling and engagement of the hind end•
•Learn how to develop and not interrupt ‘throughness’•
•Approach and perform lateral movements•
•Identify dangers of lateral and longitudinal hyperflexion•
•Understand the importance of accessing all of the corners of your horse•
•Avoid falling back on forcing your horse•
•Learn about the concept of Bascule and why it is important•

All levels of riders and disciplines are welcome.

If you would like to host a clinic with Mark in your area please contact Mark or Hela at

• Mark’s clinics, unless otherwise specified, consist of one on one sessions with each participant.

• If you and your horse are new to Mark, your session will typically begin with Mark observing your ride or interaction with your horse, then discussing both your challenges and goals. Mark will then work hands on with your horse removing tightness, blocks, and misunderstandings, then will help educate him to new ways of moving helping him become light and balanced. In the next step Mark will work with both you and your horse together to help you help your horse. Just as all horses and all riders are not alike, neither will the sessions be with Mark.

• Over time the more opportunities you have to learn from Mark, your sessions with him will evolve to a rhythm of challenge and progress. Your horse will recognize Mark and will recall what Mark had taught him in the previous sessionwhen he sees him again as Mark brings him back into the fold.  You will become ever more insightful and your journey will become ever more promising and exciting.

• Participants are encouraged to learn from each other’s sessions and are invited to ask questions. More often than not, there are a wide range of disciplines and levels of experience in each clinic so topics remain dynamic, and discussions fruitful. The most noviced to the most experienced gain new insights from Mark’s gift of depth of understanding as layers of information unfold in each session.

• Mark’s demeanor is quiet, supportive, and non threatening and his students are non-competitive; leading to clinics which have a friendly and casual atmosphere where you and your horse are warmly welcomed.

• Participation in Mark’s clinics is limited to a maximum of eight per day. Most clinics are open to auditors, however this is at the discretion of the clinic host.

• Each clinic differs slightly as do the fees, the details of the structuring of lessons, and facilities. Please contact the clinic host for rider fees, availability of slots, and auditing information.


• Mark has a busy private clinic schedule; if you would like to host Mark on a private basis please contact us and we will try to fit you into the schedule.

 • Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, or at 423-620-4463.