On The Farm

Welcome to Mark and Hela Russell’s On the Farm page

Sedona having fun in the rain 2015.

Oberon at play fall 2015.

OK this is not technically “On the Farm”. This is actually what Hela looks like off of the farm. Burning Man 2015: a chance to regenerate and a chance for Mark to have the farm to himself.

RIP Nora. Our sweet girl showed up in a thunderstorm in June 2014. Never being able to find her former home, we gave her a new one on our farm until we lost her to cancer in August 2015.

Oberon fondly known as “Opie” born on May 2nd 2015 to Chula Hita (QH) by Saphiro (Lusitano)

Chula and Oberon greet Sedona, spring 2015.

No. Just NO.

Snow in Eastern Tennessee does not occur often but it decided to torment us on a few occasions in the winter of 2015. We survived!

Our covered arena overlooking the farm.

Out on the far end of the farm with Diego, taking a break.

Our fabulous Louisa striking a pose during a lovely sunset in June 2011.

Uh Oh this can only mean trouble. If pebbles is happy you can bet there has been some mischief somewhere. Pebbles was a drop-off as a puppy with her sister, who, sadly we could never locate.

Mark with his ‘girlfriend’ Chula. Playing, as usual.

Tango and Strativarius at play in the spring of 2012. This goes on for hours.

Tango and Strativarius decide to give photographer Michael Scott a quiet pose on a lovely summer evening in 2012.

Fannie as a 24 year old. Amazing.

Fannie, as a 23 year retiree, still balanced and strong.

Willow, as a two year old, already shows the grace of her mother, Fannie.

Pansy, Marie, Elmo, and Kaiah. Rescues with happy lives on the farm.

Sola as a three year old at play in 2011.

Strativarius climbing on his mother, Fannie in 2009.

Tango at Play 2009.

Willow with her mother Fannie October 2008.

One of the benefits of giving Sunflower Seeds as treats. Our first born Sola, thinks they make a good scratching post.

Robin, our wayward ‘wabbit dog’ wears an old fashioned GPS device. Robin was rescued from the streets; starving and covered with fleas and tics.