Mark's Legacy Continues

In Memoriam

“Maestro”, as many of Mark’s students fondly called him, was killed in a riding accident on June 12th, 2016. The accident occurred during a ‘perfect storm’ of several variables that came to pass at that moment in time. Mark was known to those that are qualified to judge, as one of the world’s best horsemen. However Mark would consistently argue this point adding that he had much to learn on his journey.

After his departure Mark had signaled to a friend who was open to hearing him, that his “work here on Earth was done”. Another friend later shared that Mark’s work was “only beginning”. It is in this spirit that I, Mark’s wife, student of 15 years, partner, and ally, am working to assure Mark’s teachings do not die with his physical body. This will take some time and some concentrated work. Updates will be posted here and on Mark’s Facebook page. This website will be maintained as is posthumously, and will undergo changes as they come along. ∼ Hela Russell October 2nd, 2016