Why Video Lessons with Mark Russell



Receive feedback quickly and no need to wait for the next clinic or hope for one in your area.

Forward to Achieving Goals:

Continuity in your training vision/progression to continue advancing.


Access little known knowledge personally in a way that is relevant to your horse’s education.


Open conversations with room for your questions.


Be comfortable with where you are and what you know and what you wish to know.



Clarify, reframe, rethink, and process with Mark at your side.

One on one:

Individual time individual attention.

Personal service:

Create a scenario of what is important to you.

Self Expression:

Liberation from frustration opening the door to a joyful experience in your own space.


Mark will create an open space for you to be safe without judgment. • Mark will be professional in his conduct, staying focused on you, the student. • Mark trusts that you know what is best for you, and will serve as a facilitator to help you with your equine partner.



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