Video Lessons with Mark - PENDING With Hela Russell

“Take each thing your horse offers and build upon it. You can either make coarse cloth in a hurry or weave silk; which takes many threads, laid down layer by layer.” Mark Russell

rSolaTrotL1.3mbWith that thought in mind we welcome you to Video Lessons with Mark Russell. Mark is in demand to the degree that he cannot reach many that hold the desire to learn from him. For those who have not been able to access Mark at all, this is now an opportunity for having one on one time with him hands on. Mark will offer guidance and direction and give your horse the benefit of his vision of softness and will share with you information that has disappeared from the training landscape.

For professionals currently studying or wishing to study with Mark, adding depth and deeper insights into your teaching/training challenges is now easier to attain. Mark continues to be heavily invested in teaching trainers and clinicians as they are a direct conduit to so many horses that can be helped to feel good about their jobs. As you are aware there are many challenges at every level and keeping your training and teaching fluid and productive has a direct impact on your effectiveness and of course, your bottom line.

As we have now lost Mark, Hela Russell will be making herself available for Video Lessons in the near future. Hela is clear and states “I am not Mark”; however with fifteen years of learning with Mark, her insights can be helpful to many. Updates will be posted here, and in the interim please direct any questions to

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