LESSONS IN LIGHTNESS: Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand (DVD)

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By Mark Russell with Abigail Nemec



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As you have come to expect from Mark, this DVD gives you a thorough educational experience:

  • Discover the nuances of gymnastic exercise for the horse
  • Learn the importance of bio-mechanical alignment
  • Enhance the horse’s freedom of movement and energy flow
  • Improve body language skills to connect with the horse with lightness

Mark Russell incorporates in-hand exercises developed by the classical masters into his own training program to relax, supple, and strengthen the horse in educated postures. Mark expands on his book, Lessons in Lightness: The Art of Educating the Horse, and his DVD, Riding with Chi: Your Pathway to Energy Mastery, by demonstrating the techniques he uses to teach the horse to respond with lightness to the aids. His methods are accessible to riders from all disciplines.

Abigail Nemec, Director of Equine Studies at Post University in Waterbury, CT, joins Mark to examine the gymnastic and biomechanical value of each exercise. Using skeletal and muscular animation, Abby makes the complex issues of biomechanics easy to understand. She also demonstrates how riders can improve their body language and posture to achieve a high degree of success when incorporating Mark’s exercises into their horse’s training.

This is a 2-Disc DVD (runtime of 3hrs 40mins)

“This DVD set walks you through all you need to know about how to work your horse in hand intelligently.”

The Horse Studio 2015

“In Mark Russell’s 2-DVD set Lessons in Lightness: Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand, Mark expertly and completely demystifies the work in hand that should be a prelude to working with any horse. Whether it is a young horse being started for the first time, a re-training project, or an older horse—no matter which discipline you hail from—this DVD set walks you through all you need to know about how to work your horse in hand intelligently. The DVD focuses on relaxation, use of core breathing, feel, and intuition. Abigail Nemec contributes some super biomechanical explanations in a warm and relatable manner, which helps you comprehend the ‘whys’ of what you are working toward and how the horse operates. The difference between Mark Russell’s DVD set (Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand) and others on the market is that all the details are succinctly demonstrated and explained. You know from just watching it that you can do this yourself. This is a very sharing and thoughtful training experience in which Mark Russell holds no cards close to his chest. He generously shares his knowledge for the betterment of the horse and the rider. He opens the door for all riders to gain positive energy, harmony, and good experiences with their horses. You can see the influence of his training with Portuguese Master Nuno Oliveira. DVD includes work in hand, work on the longe, work in hand with saddle on (both English & Western), work under saddle, and also a bonus reel of Mark working one-on-one in a clinic environment with re-training cases and their riders. A beautiful example of the quiet, kind persistence that is required to train a horse while creating positive energy for both horse and rider through true relaxation, clear understanding of each other, and the biomechanics of the horse without fuss or confusion. Bravo to Mr. Russell and Ms. Nemec, and to Mouse Hole Productions for a job well done.”

2 reviews for LESSONS IN LIGHTNESS: Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand (DVD)

  1. Karen Hammett Quirk (verified owner)

    Just got my copy in the mail and couldn’t wait to start watching! Watched the first hour so far and I am LOVING it! You did a perfect job of blending demonstration and explanation! I really like the added words at the bottom to emphasize a subtle point. Add in Abigail’s amazingly clear body mechanics details and it’s all perfect! Thank you so much for taking the time to produce this body of work!

  2. Amazon Review (verified owner)

    Whether you’re into Natural Horsemanship or more conventional riding, you’re likely looking for the same thing: a quiet, soft unity with the horsel lightness, balance. Mark Russell has a quiet confidence that is contagious. His teaching style is clear, simple, do-able. He passes to the viewer both a sense that they can do this quiet work, as well as giving great real-time demonstrations. I’ve had a ball working this stuff all summer with a variety of horses. They are cooperative, calmness is deepening, and I love how quickly they understand releasing their jaw (which also improves acceptance of the bit). The horses do get this stuff If you’re a fan of Nuno Olveira, you’ll find this work quite compatible. This dvd also shows under saddle work.

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