Thank you so much, Mark, for teaching me how to help my good brown horse get his ‘groove’ back.

I’m amazed at how much more willing and fluid he has become, even with only a handful of sessions of in hand work. I’m not perfect yet – but better than I was at first.

The ridden work *now* is now in my court – to trust my horse, to trust the power that’s now evident, and allow it to flow. This horse knows I’ve been afraid of that power, and have tended to tamp it down and jam him up inside himself.

After attending clinics, a lot of people feel jazzed up and exhuberant about what they’ve done.

What I feel is different. The ‘learning’ that began to be accomplished with you and with Bruno was deep, and will require some reflection.. and then diligence and practice.

From a student in Florida after her first encounter with Mark, 2016