Once again thank you for providing a wonderful facility and opportunity for your clients to learn and further our horsemanship.  Specifically, I am speaking of the Mark Russell clinic which took place this past weekend,  4/5/09 – 4/7/09, in which I was able to take 3 wonderful eye opening lessons.  I am absolutely in awe.  What a breath of fresh air!  You have had many quality clinics and clinicians through the past several years, most of which I have been able to participate in, as well as observe; however, Mark Russell, in my opinion, takes the cake.
Mark’s book title “Lessons’ in Lightness”, says it all.  His demeanor in the way he works with the horses is such.  If a horse can feel a fly land on a single hair on it’s body, why should we have to use more force than that?.  In my opinion, Mark is one of those one in a thousand people who have a very special relationship with horses, a kindred spirit if you will.  For me, he is the one I would like to follow from now on.
Excerpt from a letter written to Joe and Andrea Haller; clinic hosts at Wellborn Quarter Horses, Wellborn Florida